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Materials I Use

Over the years, I've found what works for me. Lots of research, trial, and errors to get to this master list of materials! Let me know if you have any questions - I'd love to answer them!  (Not sponsored)

8 x 10 Premium Photo Paper – I tried about 4 other papers before I discovered this paper. I like my original glossy and my prints matte.

8 x 10’’ Art Print Board Backing– I took me a minute to figure out what to even search for when I was looking for the hard back for my prints. But I found it!


8 x 10’’ Plastic Print Protector – The thing you want to look for is the location of the sticky strip.  The seal on these is at the top of the fold so it folds over without any space. These are the little things that you just don’t know until you know.

11 x 14’’ Premium Photo Paper


11 x 14’’ Art Print Backing


11 x 14’’ Plastic Print Protector

16 x 20’’ Premium Photo Paper


16 x 20’’ Art Print Backing

16 x 20’’ Plastic Print Protector

What's on my Palette?


Go-to Brush

go to brush.jpg

Yes. I only use one brush for ALL of my paintings.

2/0 Round - Princeton Summit

I've gone through ALOT of them and

for some reason I like to keep them. 


Cadmium-Free Red Medium by Utrecht

Quinacridone Rose by Utrecht

Cadmium-Free Orange by Utrecht

Cadmium-Free Red Deep by Utrecht

Cadmium-Free Yellow Deep by Utrecht

Cadmium-Free Yellow Medium by Utrecht

Cadmium-Free Yellow Light by Utrecht

Yellow Green by Utrecht

Permanent Green Light by Gamblin

Sap Green by Gamblin

Emerald Green by Gamblin

Olive Green by Gamblin

Cobalt Green by Gamblin

Prussian Green by Utrecht

Phthalo Green by Gamblin

Phthalo Turquoise by Gamblin

Ultramarine Violet by Gamblin

Ultramarine Blue by Gamblin

Burnt Umber by Gamblin

Dioxazine Purple by Utrecht

Cobalt Violet by Gamblin

Prussian Blue by Gamblin

Vivid Magenta Medium by Utrecht

Naples Orange by Gamblin

Portland Warm Grey by Gamblin

Radiant Violet by Gamblin

Radiant Red by Gamblin

Radiant Blue by Gamblin

Radiant Magenta by Gamblin

Radiant Lemon by Gamblin

Radiant Yellow by Gamblin

Radiant Green by Gamblin

Radiant Turquoise by Gamblin




I use Liquitex Gray Gesso to prime my panels. I usually do 2-3 layers. I use a cheap foam brush to apply the gesso.

walnut oil_edited_edited.png

I use Walnut Oil to clean my brushes as I paint. It's hard on the brush (which is why I probably go through so many) but it's non-toxic, no fumes, no smell. So it's perfect to use if you paint indoors and what to be safe.

brush cleaner_edited_edited.png

I use Lavender Brush Cleaner by Chelsea Classical Studio to clean my brushes at the very end of a painting session. I put it in a small amount in a mason jar and rinse out my brush before cleaning it with soap and water.

This has a strong smell - but I LOVE it. 

Paint Thinner

lean medium_edited.png

I use Lean Medium by Chelsea Classical Studio. I pour some in a little dish and put it next to my palette. I use it sparingly but it helps thin down those thicker paints.



I use Winsor & Newton Gloss Varnish.

Varnishing is literally the scariest thing in the world. Every time I do it, I'm terrified. I've ruined many paintings during this final stage, but I haven't ruined one yet since using this!

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