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Candy Warhol

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”

Until recently, I was oblivious to the fact that Andy Warhol's iconic white hair was actually a wig! Am I the only one who didn’t know that?  I’ve been watching The Andy Warhol Diaries on Netflix and throughout the series an AI replication of Andy’s voice reads his personal diary. His entries are a blend of observations and musings, almost as if curated for an audience that would still be there after his death. It's as if he understood the inherent desire in all of us to be remembered, to ensure our thoughts and experiences resonate beyond our existence.

"Candy Warhol" by Anna Stark

Warhol, a pioneer of pop art, mastered the art of finding beauty in the ordinary, transforming everyday objects into cultural icons. His diary is full of observations on life's trivialities and existential quandaries, mirroring his artistic works.

"Kit Kat Clock" by Anna Stark

Watching his story has prompted me to reflect on my own journey into pop art. I didn’t go into my art journey wanting to be a pop artist. One day, someone walked into my art booth, looked at my works, and said, "Candy Warhol!" and that was an epiphany. I was a pop artist.

Like Warhol, I've always been captivated by the beauty in the mundane, drawn to objects and scenes that, when viewed through the right lens, spark nostalgia and evoke shared memories.

"Purple Gummy Bear" by Anna Stark

Warhol's affection for a simple cheese sandwich and Campbell's Tomato Soup—a nod to his childhood—illustrates his knack for finding significance in the everyday. His snack represents a collective memory, a shared slice of Americana that resonates with millions. In capturing such moments, Warhol didn't just create art; he created a cultural memory that continues to enchant.

Warhol once said: "The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do." Perhaps this is what draws me to pop art— chasing moments of our shared humanity.

As I muse over my journey, I realize that, much like Warhol, my art is an exploration of how beautiful ordinary can be. From reflections within a soda can to the tear of a candy wrapper, I want to capture trivial moments that remind us all of four shared experience. It's about connecting, remembering, and, above all, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

"Capri Sun" by Anna Stark

I never researched Warhol until now and knew very little. But, in a way, I've always known him. I grew up in a world surrounded by culture that is the way it is, in a big way, because of him. He's always been in my artistic subconscious, off in the peripherals of my inspiration.

As a late bloomer in art, I've learned that it's never too late to discover one's voice. It's never too late to appreciate the impact of pioneers like Warhol. His vision is timeless, urging us to see the art in our everyday lives and cherish the beauty in the fleeting moments.


Anna Stark

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